Pressure equipment

PH Technology has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels for the chemical industry and for water treatment, using FRP composites, thermoplastics and dual systems.

Regardless of the codes and design tools used, the manufacture and inspection of equipment in our workshops is conducted in accordance with EU directive 97/23/EC concerning pressure equipment.

The assessment of the conformity of each piece of equipment to the drective is performed according to the category specified therein, based on fluid type, pressure and volume, but a higher category can also be applied, based on specific security requirements.

In line with the philosophy followed by PH Technology in all its activities, there is complete customization of the design and manufacture of such equipment in order to adapt at all times to project specific requirements.

If traditionally the basic design codes used for the design of FRP materials and equipment have dual British Standard BS4994 and the German AD2000 Merkblatt N1, has now made ​​the transition to the unified standard EN-13121.

With regard to the design and manufacture of thermoplastic material, we have adopted the guidelines in the German codes DVS2205-1 and DVS2210-1.