While the original activity of PH Technology was focused on solutions to the problems of corrosion in the chemical industry, the products and services we offer today include a wide range of applications across a number of industrial sectors, and we are able to offer you our collaboration in covering your needs in the following areas:

  • Study and Design (Technical Office)
  • Manufacture and assembly of pressure vessels
  • Manufacture and assembly of processing equipment
  • Supply, manufacture and assembly of piping systems for the processing and transportation of liquids
  • Supply, manufacture and assembly of piping systems (gas treatment)
  • Anticorrosive coatings for large equipment and rafts
  • Manufacture of special parts
  • Machined engineering plastics
Installation of turnkey plants
  • Repair and renovation of existing facilities
  • Maintenance and Support

In all cases, we can offer our experience in the development of every aspect of the production system, from product conception to final realization.