Supply of fire fighting system for Tüpras refinery in Izmit

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PH Technology becomes the supplier of the fire-fighting system under what was the largest contract ever signed by the Spanish company Técnicas Reunidas SA, amounting to $2,400 million, for the modernization of the Izmit refinery (Residue Upgrading Project, RUP). The contract involves the development of engineering, procurement of equipment and construction for the project.

Técnicas Reunidas

TR is a leading international company in engineering and construction projects for oil and gas production, refining, petrochemicals and power generation. The objective of this project is to increase the conversion capacity of the Izmit refinery, allowing the processing of heavier crudes with high sulfur content, reducing the shortage of diesel in Turkey and bringing the refined products into line with the environmental specifications of the EU. This is a project with high technological and environmental content. For example, engineering developed by TR has promoted optimal use of energy. In addition, the hydrocracking unit will have the largest design pressure in the world and the hydrogen unit is the largest built by TR and one of the largest globally. Finally, the flare, at 180 meters, is the second tallest in the world.

Tüpras is the leading oil company in Turkey, with a crude processing capacity of 28.1 tonnes per year through its four refineries. The Koç Group, which owns Tüpras, is the largest business group in Turkey, with interests in the industrial, commercial and financial sectors.

Huelva Plastic’s participation in this project adds value to the modernization of the infrastructure in one of its critical parts, the fire-fighting system. In a contract worth approx. €2M, they will design, manufacture and supply all fittings (elbows, links, etc), and supervise and coordinate the onsite assembly of the complete piping system.


Due to the large fluid volumes being handled, the main ring is made from DN700 diameter pipe. This, coupled with a design pressure of 16 barg, has necessitated the manufacture of the engineered fittings (elbows, tees) from special tube of close to 100 mm thickness, and the manufacture of the accessories and of the pipe itself has been the biggest challenge of this project. To achieve it, PH Technology has received technical assistance from the manufacturer of the raw material, Borealis (a member of the group of manufacturers that make up the association PE100 +, a requirement of this project), and the total commitment of the Spanish manufacturer PLOMYPLAS.

Seismic resistence

The fire-fighting system is unique in being made ​​entirely of polyethylene PE100, rather than steel, because its low elastic modulus contributes to good resistance to seismic events, which in the past have seriously affected its operation.

PH Technology are pleased to have been able to contribute our experience to the development of this unique and innovative project that will increase the safety parameters of the Tüpras refinery facilities.