Filter housings

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This project involved the manufacture of a set of equipment in FRP and PP/FRP materials for IKRA, a new PVC production plant owned by the Russian-Belgian consortium SIBUR / SOLVIN in Kstovo, Russia.

The equipment was manufactured for our client Pall France, and PH Technology was responsible for the mechanical design and manufacture of both the housings and internal fittings.

The design and manufacture of this equipment was carried out in accordance with the guidelines set by the European code EN 13121.

The total of nine sets, four vertical and five horizontal, were all (except two sets of air filters) designed as pressure equipment to be used as filter cartridges.

Operating conditions

Depending on operating conditions, the devices were made either in FRP or in PP / FRP. For casings made of FRP (based on bisphenol A epoxy vinyl ester DERAKANE 411/350), the internal fittings were of an epoxy resin composite material. For casings made of PP / FRP (epoxy resin based on bisphenol A vinylester DERAKANE 411/350) the internal fittings were of PP (polypropylene).


The design specifications were as follows:

  • Pressure: 7 / 10 bar
  • Temperature: 70 / 90ºC
  • Fluid: rine / sodium hypochlorite / sulfuric acid / caustic soda


Except for the air filters, the equipment was manufactured by a helical winding process. PH Technology has a 4-axis plastic rolling machine, allowing the rolling of a complete system (shell and background), without the need for laminated joints between these elements.

This technology minimizes the number of laminated joints (limited to the strength of the grafts), thus minimizing the chances of failure of the unions.

The manufacture of this equipment was carried out during the first half of 2011.