PH Technology and Zincobre, strategic partners

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Zincobre and PH Technology have reached an agreement whereby over the next five years they will undertake the manufacture of cooling towers in plastics materials under the patent name ZACT (Zincobre Atmospheric Cooling Towers).

The signing of the agreement follows the collaboration of the two companies in the manufacture of a cooling tower in the mining project for recovering refractory gold and silver at Las Lagunas in the Dominican Republic. In this case, PH Technology carried out the manufacture of the equipment (diameter 5.8 m and 12 m high) within a tight schedule, substantially reducing normal times for delivery and erecting the equipment in the field.

Under this contract, PH Technology has begun the process for the manufacture of several towers in South America in the coming months. This agreement also lays the foundation for the optimization of construction details and the structural design of the towers.


ZACT towers are specifically designed and built for applications where the nature of the materials being worked with can lead to abrasion and corrosion phenomena. Specifically:
• Processes involving fluids with up to 60% dissolved and suspended solids
• Temperature range 38°C to 95°C
• DT from 5ºC high as 45ºC
• Flow per unit up to 1000m3 / h
• Losses from 0.02% to 0.001
• Availability of equipment 95 – 98%

Manufacturing in plastics (FRP liner with or without thermoplastic) ensures the integrity of equipment in such aggressive environments.