PH Technology Participates with Técnicas Reunidas in the TAN BURRUP Construction Project

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The ‘prime contractor’ of the project, the Spanish company Técnicas Reunidas, has chosen PH Technology to provide the firefighting and cooling water systems for the TAN (Technical Ammonium Nitrate) plant in Burrup (Australia) under a supply contract worth 1.5 M € and an overall award of up to $ 600M TR.
The project is similar in scope to the Tüpras refinery project in Izmit (Turkey), in which PH Technology is also participating. This is a turnkey contract and our company is responsible for the engineering, the supply of equipment and onsite supervision, with the plant scheduled for commissioning in the third quarter of 2015.

cpi_oman The manufacture of the piping and accessories for the fire and cooling systems takes place in the context of the cooperation agreement with the company CPI OMAN (a strategic partner of PH Technology). CPI manufactures the equipment in GRE (epoxy resin) for both the buried and aerial pipelines, in diameters up to 1000 with a nominal pressure rating of PN 10 – PN 16.

Although we have collaborated widely with Técnicas Reunidas in recent years, this is the first project based on the use of epoxy materials.

As well as making them prime contractor, Yara has chosen the technology and ‘know how’ of Técnicas Reunidas for the Technical Ammonium Nitrate and Nitric Acid Liquor plants. Técnicas Reunidas has already completed a similar plant in the Chilean city of Mejillones. PH Technology collaborates on these projects, providing expertise in the use and applications of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials.

Burrup Nitrates is jointly owned by the Norwegian company Yara International (45%), Orica of Australia, (45%) and Apache of America (10%).