Pressure housings and filter cartridges

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The project was for the manufacture of vertical pathway pressure housings in FRPV material, to be used as CIP (Clean-In-Place) filter cartridges. These housings are equipped with internal fixtures in PP-H material (polypropylene homopolymer) for the support of the filter elements, and were installed in a sea water desalination plant in Adelaide, Australia.

Design conditions

The design conditions imposed were 6 bar and 40°C, with a maximum pressure differential on the cartridge holder plate of 2.5 bar. The hydraulic test was conducted at a pressure of 8.6 bar, conforming to the standard and PED.

The design and manufacture of the housings was based on the new European standard EN13121-3.

The internal fixtures were made on the basis of finite element methods (FEM), using the SolidWorks Simulation tool.


The housings had an internal diameter of Ø1200 mm, and a total capacity of 2.5 m³. They were made entirely by a filament winding (FW) process, using a 4-axis machine, allowing the joint production of ferrule and backgrounds. This technique eliminates the rolled joints between elements, reducing the possibility of failure.

The housings held 12 cartridges of 60″, permitting a treatment rate of 1350m³/h.

Client and location

Adelaide Water, Australia