Supply of «turnkey» plant in Repsol’s Puertollano refinery

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As part of a €1.2 million contract with Pall International, with whom they have been working extensively in recent years, PH Technology has completed the design, manufacture and installation of a microfiltration pretreatment plant for the osmosis plant in the refinery operated by Repsol in Puertollano (Ciudad Real).

The engineering process was developed by Pall International, while PH Technology was in charge of mechanical engineering (design of racks and piping systems), and the supply of all piping, steel structures, electromechanical equipment and instrumentation.

2009_03_02_No_14-Vista+Complejo+IndustrialThe manufacture of the racks was carried out in the workshops of PH Technology for subsequent installation and commissioning «in situ» at the refinery. Both the racks and interconnecting pipes are made of polyethylene, unprecedented in Repsol facilities and in the petrochemical industry in general, and being used, in this case, in a plant whose processing capacity is 550m3 per hour process.

At PH Technology we are proud to have brought our experience to the design and installation of this plant and to have introduced the use of thermoplastic materials to Repsol, contributing to innovation and the improvement of its facilities.