Telescopic pipe for suppying airconditioning to aircraft on ground

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This was a telescopic device for supplying airconditioning to aircraft. It is designed to be attached to aircraft access gangways (fingers) as part of the facilities of an airport.

It is part of a new system for supplying air conditioning, designed and patented by the customer.


Being a telescopic device, it essentially consists of an exterior tube, in this case integral to the gangway, along which moves an inner tube that adjusts to the variable geometry of the gangway.

The main characteristic of the device is the flexural behaviour of the inner tube, which, while being supported only at both ends, can only have almost imperceptible sag at its maximum extension (up to 20m).

The mechanical design and construction have been patented by PH Technology.

Operating Conditions

As described above, the principal requirement of the design was a minimal sagging of the inner tube under its own weight and that of the hose housed inside it.


All the elements making up the device were made of FRP material with orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resin throughout the laminate.


Serclimasa S.L.


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