Installation of fire protection system in PE100 material

Application The manufacture, assembly and testing of two separate fire protection rings installed in the combined cycle power plants at Port de Barcelona (owned by Gas Natural) and Besós V (owned by Endesa). Characteristics These underground installations have a principal diameter of Ø315, and a total length of approximately 1800 m. each. The templates for […]

Manufacture of large diameter siphons in PE100

Application Manufacture of sections pf pipework in PE100 for the installation of syphons under the new Madrid-Lisbon AVE line. Characteristics Five syphons were constructed to carry irrigation water from one side of the line to the other, consisting of PE piping inside a concrete sleeve. The diameters used were Ø1400, Ø1200 and Ø710 in a […]

Cooling system for diesel groups

Application In this project an existing cooling system in A°C° material at the Melilla diesel plant was replaced with a new system in GRP and PE100 materials. Characteristics Construction of a complete cooling system (supply and return), consisting of two lines of diameter DN700 (FRP system) and DN800 (PE100 system). The FRP material was used […]

Pipping system for desulphuration plant

Application Construction of an absorber and associated feed system in FRP material for a desulphurization plant for a coal-fired power station. Characteristics The principal diameter of the pipes was DN1200. PH Technology was responsible for the installation of the feeder pipes to the absorber, and of the distribution ramps in its interior. Operating Conditions The […]

Pipping system in combined cycle power plant

Application In this project, PH Technology was responsible for the supply and installation, including support structures, of a variety of piping systems in plastic. The choice of material was determined by the particulars of each of the piping systems. Characteristics The various piping systems were both above and below ground. The circulating water and cooling […]

Supervision of assembly of large bore pipework at petrochemical plant

Application For this project PH Technology staff worked as supervisors, carrying out monitoring and inspection of the assembly of a large diameter pipe, part of an expansion of a petrochemical complex. Characteristics The piping system is for water catchment, and is composed of 14,000m of GRP material pipe in diameters ranging from DN900 to DN3600. […]

Installation of Ø1000 diameter PE100 pipe

Application Installation of PE100 piping in the water supply system of the city of Córdoba. Characteristics The water mains were principally of GRP material, but there were certain points where difficult geometry required a more flexible material that would at the same time conform to the design specifications. Specifically, these were stretches of road tunnels […]

Piping system for desulphurisation plant

Application Installation of a complete piping system for a desulphurisation plant at a coal-fired power station. Characteristics The complete installation comprised approximately 3000m of FRP pipe, with diameters between DN25 and DN900. PH Technology was responsible for the supply and installation of the system, including its associated support structures. It was also responsible for the […]

Piping systems in microfiltration and biotreatment works

Application Installation of complete integral piping systems in separate microfiltration and biotreatment works for a chemical plant. Characteristics The routing of all the pipes was completely aerial, running almost their entire length in a pipe rack. The maximum diameter of the pipes was DN350. PH Technology was responsible for the prefabrication of the pipes as […]

Effluent manifold in bioethanol plant

Application Construction of a pipe system for collecting effluent in ponds. Characteristics Almost all the route of the pipes runs along a pipe rack, with the exception of a final buried section. PH Technology was responsible for the supply and installation of the system, together with all the support structures. The pipes had principal diameters […]

Logistics centre for the storage and distribution of chemicals

Application The installation formed an integral part of a logistics centre for the storage and distribution of diverse chemical products. PH Technology supplied and installed the integrated plastic and stainless steel piping system for distributing chemical products around the plant. Characteristics The various circuits installed had diameters of between DN15 and DN100. In all, about […]

Piping system for phosphogypsum

Application Piping system to carry phosphogypsum / water from the production plant to the gypsum settling ponds. Characteristics The route of each pipe was composed of several sections. The first was about 900m of aerial piping, including a highway overpass. The second was a buried section of about 1900m. The final section of 400m to […]