Pressure vessels for desalination plant in Al-Ghubrah

PH Technology provides 17 case for Pall International, bound for the desalination plant in Al- Ghubrah (Oman) awarded to Cadagua in consortium with Malakoff International Limited and Sumitomo Corporation. The consortium is responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a desalination plant in Oman on a contract worth $ 300 million . Since […]

Filter housings

This project involved the manufacture of a set of equipment in FRP and PP/FRP materials for IKRA, a new PVC production plant owned by the Russian-Belgian consortium SIBUR / SOLVIN in Kstovo, Russia. The equipment was manufactured for our client Pall France, and PH Technology was responsible for the mechanical design and manufacture of both […]

Pressure housings and filter cartridges

The project was for the manufacture of vertical pathway pressure housings in FRPV material, to be used as CIP (Clean-In-Place) filter cartridges. These housings are equipped with internal fixtures in PP-H material (polypropylene homopolymer) for the support of the filter elements, and were installed in a sea water desalination plant in Adelaide, Australia. Design conditions […]

FRP filter housings with internal fittings in polypropilene

Manufacture of filter housings for pressure vessels, together with their internal fittings, for a water treatment plant. Characteristics The equipment was composed of an outer casing and internal components for supporting the filter cartridges. The diameter of the equipment was determined by the total number of filter elements. In this case, the diameters were 750 […]