Anticorrosive coatings

Anticorrosive coatings are the preferred solution when, either because of structural considerations, or the large dimensions of the construction, it is considered technically or economically unviable to manufacture a structural reinforcement in FRP material. In these cases, the coatings are applied to a structural substrate, normally concrete or steel.

For this type of protection against corrosion, PH Technology uses one of two types of coating, depending primarily on the nature of operating fluid and its temperature:

  • Application of an FRP laminate, formulated on a base of epoxy vinyl ester.
  • Application of a thermoplastic liner material, typically fluoropolymer.

The first of these solutions allows in-situ application of coatings resistant to temperatures of up to 120ºC, the limit fixed by the stability of the resin chosen for the medium and temperature.

This option is usually chosen for coatings to concrete or steel surfaces of large dimensions.

The solution based on the application of fluoropolymer allows for higher operating temperatures due to the inherent stability of the materials employed. No less important in these cases is the adhesive system used, especially at very high temperatures.The final performance of the applied coating depends almost equally on the fluoropolymer, and the adhesive system used for its application.

This option is mainly used for coatings on steel equipment, and is carried out in the workshop because of the nature of the procedure for applying the adhesive. This option is also used for medium-sized concrete containers.

Also noteworthy is the use of coatings on transport systems for corrosive liquids, mainly due to the versatility required for compatibility with substances of disparate nature.