Processing and storage

It is in the storage and processing of corrosive fluids that the properties of thermosetting and thermoplastic materials come into their own, providing a wide range of possibilities for meeting critical design conditions. These properties allow the fabrication of a wide range of equipment for different applications:

  • Storage tanks
  • Process reactors
  • Decanters
  • Scrubbers
  • Bleaching towers

All of the equipment manufactured by PH Technology is customized for its specific application and customer requirements. To achieve this, our engineering department works in close collaboration with the client to gather information on the specifics of the process involved, in order to offer the best possible solution, based on our experience.

To provide comprehensive solutions for particular industrial processes, PH Technology offers extensive experience in the construction of turnkey plants for the management and processing of corrosive fluids, integrating the manufacture and assembly of equipment and piping systems with the supply and installation of control and auxiliary systems.