Aerobic biological reactor in stainless steel

Application Coating for an aerobic biological reactor in stainless steel AISI 316. The reactor was affected by corrosion caused by ferrobacteria, necessitating the application of an anticorrosive coating to protect it from the environment to which it was exposed. Characteristics The reactor was 19m in diameter and 11m in height, giving a total surface to […]

Evaporation tower with closed cooler circuit

Application Construction of an evaporation tower with a closed cooling circuit at a chemical plant. Using the closed circuit, process water containing corrosive agents is recovered. The structural support of the tower is AºCº sheet metal, as is the support structure of the filler (in AºCº tubes). Characteristics The dimensions of the tower were 30m […]

Uranium ore flotation ponds

Application Protection of a system of uranium ore flotation ponds. These concrete ponds were protected from the acidic environment of the operating fluid with an anticorrosive coating. Characteristics The coating was applied to a total of 3650m2 of concrete. Operating Conditions The flotation ponds were atmospheric containers, designed to operate at ambient temperatures. The operating […]