Cooling tower

Manufacture of an integrated cooling tower / demister for slurry in FRP material for the recovery of refractory gold and silver as part of a mining project in Las Lagunas, Dominican Republic. Characteristics The design of the cooling tower is the property of Spanish engineering company Zincobre on which it holds a patent called ZACT. […]

Piping system manufactured in PE100 for the extension of a mining facility

Application PH Technology was responsible for the supply, installation and structural support of plastic pipe systems in the context of the proposed expansion of a copper and polymetallic production plant for mining operations in Stained Water. Characteristics The installation amounted to approximately 2100 meters of pipe, ranging from Ø90 to Ø350 in diameter, and the […]

Rectangular refining settler

Application This equipment separates organic materials using coalescing panels, and is part of a hydrometallurgical plant for the extraction of copper. Characteristics This equipment is of parallelepiped geometry, with dimensions of 28m x 8m x 2m, and houses three rows of coalescing panels, for a total of 84 units. The equipment was manufactured at the […]

Static decanter for acidic sludge (sulphiric acid)

Application Manufacture of a static decanter for acidic sludge (sulphuric acid) Characteristics The decanter was composed of a cylindrical body with an external perimeter support ring, a 90° conical bottom and a screw top lid. It has an inner diameter of 3700mm, and an overall height (with lid) of 3800mm. PH Technology was responsible for […]

Hydrofluoric acid absorbers

Application This was an especially critical application due to the corrosiveness of the material to be treated, which was hydrofluoric acid at concentrations of up to 75%. The new equipment, manufactured from engineering plastics, replaced old equipment of AºCº lined with PVDF. Characteristics Two units were manufactured in consecutive years to replace the old absorbers. […]

Turnkey installation of sulphuric acid storage system

Application Installation of a storage system for dilute sulphuric acid (up to 32%), with an initial capacity of 1000 tonnes, expandable to 1500 tonnes. The system was supplied complete by PH Technology as a turnkey installation. The system consisted of two storage tanks, a pipeline connection to the plant, instrumentation and control systems, and civil […]

Reactor for precipitating gypsum from sulphuric acid

Application Construction of a reactor for precipitating gypsum from dilute sulphuric acid. In addition to the demanding conditions of reactor design, speed of design and manufacture was critical to the success of the project, because the equipment had to replace the original (supplied by others) that had failed catastrophically. Characteristics The reactor was Ø4000 in […]

Phosphoric acid storage system

Application Construction of a storage system for crude phosphoric acid with a capacity of 500 tonnes. The construction of the tank was complicated by its location, which was enclosed in pipe rack structures. Characteristics The storage tank is constructed of FRP, and has a capacity of 500m3 (diameter 7600mm). It was built in situ using […]

Separators / Concentrators for phosphoric acid

Application Construction of three separators/concentrators for phosphoric acid. This was an especially critical application, due to the constraints of heat generation during operation. Characteristics The separators are arranged vertically, with a Klöpper type lid and conical bottom of 45º. The principal diameter was fixed at Ø2500, giving a total capacity of 30m3. They also have […]

Effluent tank and sodium hypoclorite decomposer

Application Construction of an effluent tank (for organic solvents) and a decomposer for sodium hypochlorite. This was an especially critical application due to the corrossiveness of the medium. Characteristics The effluent tank was horizontal, Ø2400 in diameter, and had a total capacity of 20m3. The hypochlorite decomposer was a vertical tank of Ø1200 diameter, with […]